License music, how does it work?

Looking for music for your latest project?

Actionmediamusic can help. Our eclectic catalogue of songs can be licensed for commercial or non-commercial use, including movie and TV productions, advertising, computer games, DVD/CD-ROM and software internet etc. Choose music from our collection of unique tunes and we’ll deliver the licensed material to you promptly and professionally.

Need help searching for music?

Just tell the Actionmediamusic team what you’re looking for and they will be happy to find it.

Can’t find the music you are looking for?

If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it in our catalogue Actionmediamusic can produce it for you. Actionmediamusic have professional musicians who can record the exact score for your needs.

How much does it cost?

Actionmediamusic treat every project as unique and therefore pricing will vary depending on the job. Explain your musical needs to Actionmediamusic and they’ll find the music that suits you at a price that is right for you. Our prices are lower than the industry standard.


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Submit your music

Actionmediamusic is about distributing music of all genres.  If you want to submit a tune for actionmediamusic’s consideration then upload it to the site, we’ll have a listen and if it is what we are looking for and the recording quality is good then you’re in.

The music must be your own creation and you must be the artist and or the manager.

When Actionmediamusic selects a tune they will contact the artist immediately.  They will need to sign a non-exclusivity contract with Actionmediamusic to license the music to a third part. The artist will keep all rights to the music and there will be no restrictions on future recording or publishing deals. The contract is continuous and can be terminated at any time, with a 30 days notice period.  Once the contract has been signed Actionmediamusic will need the WAV file of the tunes for distribution.

What’s in it for the musician?

We get your music heard

Actionmediamusic will promote the collaborating musician’s music globally for commercial use to video and movie producers, advertising agencies, the makers of video games, etc. The artist will receive 50% of the earnings and great exposure. Actionmediamusic provides an opportunity for music to reach new ears while at the same time making the artist money. Music licensing can deliver much greater financial returns than CD sales.

Remember, Actionmediamusic’s contract is non-exclusive so the artist retains full ownership of their music. These are some of Actionmediamusic’s existing clients: Reebok, Smith Optics, Pirate snowboard movie production, Nitro Snowboards, Kläppen Skiresort, Protest Outerwear, Techsled, Skullfilms

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